Panchsheel Highway Baazaar

We under constructing new commercial project Panchsheel Highway Baazaar with the all modern service and specification. Panchsheel groups took great effort to deliver right project with the trendy and a catchy style. Our teamwork close with the floor plan, site plan and location that support complete the project with the great successful. Then it assures that it drives the high traffic to the website. We under for the greater design work on the outer part of the project, which turn eyes on it. Then it built with large banquet hall at the first time and filled with the number of the fun areas of the children to enjoy playing in the Baazaar. We built the open-air terrace restaurant, which surely deliver the additional look to the project.

Our project is one and only first multiplexes at NH- 24 that connects number of the road and each to reach the Bazaar. We allocated right rain water harvesting plan , water treatment plants so it provide the great support for the people to access. We provide the additional security on each floor by installing both fire detection systems. It has large opening as well as has central court in project that bring additional look to the project. We allocate the parking for owner and customer along with the CCTV camera. Our team work hard to provide major entertainment such the area with light, sound system, fountain show that is more fun for the children to spend the time. We realize with our team to provide working hours so it will be more comfortable for the customer to spend the weekend day with the children.

Even we include the screen to watch the movie on the project. This project is for not only the commercial usage but also offer the studio apartment so the people can hire this project and rent room to stay with all modern service. . To get additional info about our stunning apartment just send email enquire we will help to provide the better solution on the spot. Apart from that we offer the first class customer support which is open at 24 hours to collect the booking and additional information. We plan to choose the location to construct the commercial project at the center of city, which is easier to reach, and it right place to collect all necessary thing at single place.